West Cumbrian Singles League

Below are the fixtures and results for the 2017 West Cumbrian Singles League - Trial

Men's 1st Division
Home Team (Below) Keswick 1 Lorton 1 Seascale 1
Keswick 1   3-6 27th August
Lorton 1 13th August   23nd July
Seascale 1 30th July 20th August  


Men's 1st Division
    Played  Won   Lost  Drawn Matches Won Matches Lost Sets Won Sets Lost Points
1st Lorton 1 1 1     6 3 13 8 2
2nd Seascale 1                  
3rd Keswick 1 1   1   3 6 8 13 0

Score sheet can be downloand here: WCTL - Singles Score Sheet

Captains and contact details are as follows:
Keswick: Dougal Atack - 07934511882
Lorton: Robert Cruickshank - 07594541788
Seascale: Peter Roberts - 07812032284

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Committee Members

Ed Ma
Ed Ma


Dougal Atack


Mike  Green
Mike Green

Vice Chairman

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